EarthCell Batteries Promise Efficiency, Economy and Eco-Friendliness

 - Nov 13, 2011
References: kickstarter & ubergizmo
With most Western cities introducing more sophisticated systems of waste management consumers feel less guilty about the garbage they produce once recyclables and compostables are separated. However, earthCell batteries tackle another sort of disposable by which people are often stumped, because throwing away nearly indestructible chemical capsules just seems wrong.

Jason Rugolo has come up with an innovative idea to produce fuel cells with the new low self-discharge nickel metal hydride (LSD NiMH) technology. When applied to AA and AAA batteries the power yield is greater than competing mainstream brands and much more economical.

The best part about earthCell batteries is that they're refillable cartridges that can be reused hundreds of times. You simply send your dead batteries back to the manufacturer in a mailer and they reintroduce rejuiced cells back into circulation.