From Wrist-Wearable Chargers to Colorful Light-Up Power Tubes

 - Jun 12, 2013
Charging your phone in emergency situations can get super uncomfortable, which is why these external battery chargers are a must for those who are on their phones 24/7. No longer do you have to stay glued to the wall -- these portable battery packs are often cable-free. They also come in sleek designs or in the form of phone cases.

The Mint Tin Emergency Charger designed by Limor resembles an Altoids mints tin, but it holds two AA batteries inside that converts to power to your iPhone.

What about a backpack that is fully equipped with a power source? The Trek Support Electric Backpack from Quirky features a built-in charger that charges up to three gadgets and a laptop all at the same time.

We are also seeing a lot of solar-powered external batteries for an eco-friendly take. As we see more tech gadgets on the market, we can also expect to see more battery-life supplies.