The Pickup Power Charger Lets Users Juice Up Nearly Any Gadget on the Go

 - Mar 18, 2013
References: quirky & bitrebels
In our society that is dominated by gadgets and gizmos, it seems like there's never a power charger around when you really need one. Since pretty much every single gadget out there relies on rechargeable lithium ion batteries, it can be a headache to remember to charge everything to full capacity, sometimes on a daily basis.

The Pickup Power charger from Quirky makes a valiant attempt at solving this problem by not only featuring a fairly standard power bar, but also comes with a 4000 mAh portable battery for charging gadgets like a GPS or phones on the go when you need a little extra juice at the worst possible moment. Both the power bar and the extra battery can connect easily to any USB-enabled device, which is pretty much all of them these days. The Pickup Power charger is currently being readied for a consumer release by Quirky.