- Nov 19, 2018
Kitchens have always been the greatest showcase of home tech and this cooking gadget gift list showcases some of the most intriguing and innovative products aimed at making cooking easier and meals tastier.

Kitchen scales can drastically change any home chef's cooking ability and the '+ Kitchen Scale' offers a unique take on the simple tool. The gadget lacks any screen on the body and instead projects measurements on any surface to offer an advanced experience. This feature allows the device to be incredibly minimalist, without having to sacrifice its core ability. The scale also features an impressive construction of stainless steel and satin-finished pine.

Also featured on this list is a speedy cooking appliance, known simply as the 'Cooky.' Offering a more hands-off cooking approach, this simple device works in tandem with an online ordering service that brings ingredients and recipes meant specifically for the appliance. The meals simply need to be arranged on a plate underneath the machine and the 'Cooky' will handle the rest. The device is mainly targeted to the next generation of home chefs that may not want to spend hours laboring over one meal.

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