The AEG SenseCook Lets Home Chefs Walk Away from the Kitchen

 - Aug 28, 2018
References: & cnet
Announced ahead of IFA 2018, the new AEG SenseCook stovetops are meant to provide home chefs with the ability to automate their cooking procedures. Produced by Germany-based AEG, these unique induction cooktops employ an array of temperature sensors as a means of automation for meal preparation. These sensors let the AEG SenseCook automatically adjust the temperature it outputs to provide consistent results each time something is made on them.

The AEG SenseCook will be available with two specific cooktops meant for specific purposes. The SenseFry cooktop is designed specifically for pan frying, while the SenseBoil is made for boiling and will automatically detect when the water inside a pot reaches boiling temperatures and will then transition it into a controlled simmer. A general SensPro will also be released and with a wireless, battery-less food thermometer that keeps track of food's internal temperature and adjusts outside heat accordingly.

Image Credit: AEG