The Morphcooker is the "Swiss Army Knife of Camping Stoves"

 - Dec 26, 2017
References: kickstarter
Cooking is one of the great joys of camping, but it can also be a pain -- both literally and figuratively -- without the right equipment, so the Morphcooker serves as a good solution. The versatile camping stove has a modular design that allows it to cook virtually any dish, and its battery-powered heat makes it far safer that cooking around an open flame or a controlled gas-powered cooker.

The Morphcooker is more than just a camping stove: it's five products in one. The implement can be adjusted to form a hot plate, a frying pan, a pot, a grill press, or even a camping oven simply by moving and shifting various elements. The stove also comes with a portable solar charger, so it can still be juiced up when campers are out in the wild.