- Jun 21, 2011
Superheroes and comic books are an essential part of the development of pop culture. They are not just stories or characters meant to be passively read, but an art form that is highly appreciated by a large and devoted following. Iconic superheroes like Batman, Superman and The Incredible Hulk are just a few examples of comic book characters that have gone on to inspire hundreds of other writers, artists and filmmakers to tell their story through other mediums.

The binary opposition that lies at the core of these celebrated stories is one that inspires the storytelling world and real life: heroes vs. villains; good vs. evil. The relationship between these two forces is a formula that that has gone on to define many other cultural stories. Whether you are a comic book fan or not, the characters and stories that have emerged from the comic book world are ones you are surely acquainted with on account of the never-ending use of them in various forms of pop culture.

From Presidential Superheroes to Heroic Hipsters: