From Nerdy Arcade-Inspired Mug Huggers to Suggestive Cup Sweaters

 - Nov 8, 2012
Purchasing reusable coffee cup jackets are more personalized and eco-friendly than all the other ones available at cafes. With all the double cups and java sleeves being used everyday, it doesn't matter how eco-friendly it is since so many get wasted throughout the year.

People are becoming more environmentally conscious so there is an increasing range of coffee cup jackets available. Whether it's nerdy arcade designs or sci-fi character favorites, girly corset covers or manly leather jackets, or even boastful and suggestive cup holders, one of these sleeves would last significantly longer than the ones at coffee shops, even if they are reused multiple times. Plus, the stylish and geeky holders allow the user's personality to emanate from the drink more than a 'personalized' beverage like skim milk or half sweet.