Headline News Prints the Day's News on Coffee Sleeves to Gain Readers

 - May 23, 2012
References: yr-dxb & thedieline
The creative minds behind the design firm Y&R Dubai devised a clever reader-generating campaign for the United Arab Emirate's leading English newspaper Headline News. Based on the beloved combination of hot coffee and fresh news, Y&R created coffee sleeves adorned with daily headlines. The sleeves were slipped onto the cups of one of the design firm's other client Tim Hortons.

Using realtime package printing, Headline News was able to put the day's leading stories on coffee sheaths so consumers could stay in the know simply by looking at their cup. Since the beginning of the campaign over 1,440 headline tweets have been printed on roughly 840,000 coffee cups and online traffic on Headline News' site has increased by 4 percent, while subscription has jump 2.8 percent.

Clever and current, these headline coffee sleeves may have ushered in a new innovative and interactive form of branding.