From Stationary Gaming Platforms to Aging Simulation Suits

 - Jan 14, 2016
The CES 2016 VR innovations range from consumer-grade products such as stationary gaming platforms to high-tech research tools such as aging simulation suits. Indeed, many of the products debuted at CES 2016 demonstrate both recreational and commercial advantages to VR technology.

As far as consumer-grade products go, CES 2016 revealed a number of revolutionary VR innovations. VR headsets were particularity popular, with a number of brands improving on the design and capabilities of existing models. Consequently, these advancements help to make VR gaming more accessible to a wider audience.

Beyond consumer goods, a number of CES 2016 VR innovations demonstrated great research potential. For example, Genworth's R70i Aging Experience uses VR technology to stimulate the physical effects of aging. Another standout example is FaceCake Marketing Technologies' Swivel Selfie app, which gives retailers the power to offer virtual dressing rooms.