The 'IonVR' Headset Made Its Debut at CES 2016

 - Jan 7, 2016
References: ionvr & digitaltrends
Despite the abundance of VR headsets on the market, the 'IonVR' headset is making waves at CES 2016. One of the major problems with VR headsets is that the wearer's visibility is limited by the glasses themselves. This means that VR users are more likely to bump into other objects if they move around while wearing the glasses.

The IonVR is designed to improve VR visibility by providing wearers with a 3D view of their surrounding environment. This is possible thanks to Intel’s Realsense ZR300 camera, which adds a virtual layer to the analogue environment. In turn, real-world obstacles become a part of the immersive VR landscape. As a result, the wearer is able to see and avoid furniture and other other obstacles.

The IonVR headset not only improves visibility for those immersed in a virtual environment, but it also helps to cure the feeling of nausea that can result from the VR experience.