From Cakeland Couture Images to Youthful Prop Editorials

 - Jun 11, 2012
These candy-themed photoshoots will have you salivating for sweets and dreaming of sugar-coated adventures. Who could resist drooling over these confection-filled couture captures?

Like fashion, desserts come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colors from across the globe. The growing number of pastel-clad editorials have inspired photographers and stylists to seek sugary props and decadent backdrops. While some keep it simple with Parisian pastry shops, others are going over-the-top with oversized ice cream cones and exploding chocolate spreads. These whimsical additions can also incorporate tempting stares and highly suggestive performances to an image.

Whether you like bubblegum or sprinkles, these youthful snapshots will have you craving for sinfully sweet treats. You'll be belting out Katy Perry's California Girls before you even know it with these candy-themed photoshoots.