From Rainbow Lollipop Editorials to Candy Floss Lookbooks

 - Jun 5, 2013
While fashion editorials creatively find ways to take inspiration from anything and everything, it’s no surprise that sweet treats have come to be a source of creative impulse for editorials and photoshoots.

Candy has sweetly seeped into the fashion world to influence hair, clothing designs and jewelry. Similarly, themes for photoshoot also pull from the candy craze in similar ways, having models pose with sugar-filled desserts, the colors mimic candied hues and the sets to be overflowing with bonbons. Whether its the candy photos reminding the audiences of their nostalgic sugar-high youth or the never-ending tummy cravings for sweets, candy and fashion seem to go effortlessly hand in hand together.

From lollipop-licking editorials to cotton candy hair captures, candy photos have become a global sensation and are beautifully whimsical to look at.