The ‘Candy Wonderland’ Project is Inspired by Swe

 - May 22, 2013
References: facebook
This fantastic candy cosmetics series by Ravneet Lachhar is called ‘Candy Wonderland.' In these charming, sugar-coated captures, tiny sprinkles are used in place of lipstick; they also cover the model’s eyebrows. The eye shadow used in this treat-inspired series is extremely vibrant, including shades of pink and yellow. These whimsical shots really highlight Lachhar’s creativity as a makeup artist. 

The Candy Wonderland shoot was done in a forest filled with orange and yellow leaves, on a seemingly beautiful sunny day.  This adds to the overall magical feeling behind this candy-focused project. 

Ravneet Lachhar’s creative candy project combines elegance and fun. The model is seen wearing a white vintage style dress and a bow, but she’s also sporting a candy necklace. This fun, sweets-inspired series feels delightfully reminiscent of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. It seems that using candy in place of traditional cosmetics can be pretty enchanting.