Cotton Candy Punk Couture Uses a Touch of Morbitity

Cotton Candy Punk Couture by Lil Linus and Fist First Clothing for men collaborated on a photoshoot at Vancouver Washington's Cruse the Gut classic car show with photographer Cody Augustine. The highlight of the day was this classic car photoshoot with an amazing black 1984 Cadillac hearse, a part of the Coffin Cruisers Hearse club.

Cotton Candy Punk Couture shows viewers a darker and more seductive side to the infamous clothing line with this hearse couture editorial. The fashion designer showcases two shapely, short, tight and flirty summer dresses.

Fist First Clothing also takes a laid-back approach to menswear with Western-style, button-up shirts. The editorial looks quite casual, with the models playfully posing in various positions around the popular classic car.