From Bite-Sized Fire Pizza to Campfire Confectionary Treats

 - Jun 19, 2013
Camping can be a lot of fun as long as you remember to pack accordingly; using an open flame and a bit of tact you can make these delicious campfire meals. If you are planning a weekend camping trip, be sure to take a look at these campfire meals and pack the ingredients to make satisfying meals.

Camping is carefree because the only thing you have to worry about is surviving until the end of the trip. No emails or phone calls and no technology. What a glorious time to get in touch with nature and yourself. The only hiccup is that eating well is essential to having an enjoyable time and when you’re in the middle of the woods with no kitchen and no groceries, panic can quickly set in. If you remember to pack adequate groceries, you can make these campfire meals and save the day. From sandwich-inspired s’mores to gooey campfire flapjacks, these campfire meals are more than basic—they’re delicious.