The Mikado Fireplace Raises the Campfire to the Level of Refined

 - Jan 15, 2013
References: vanjoost &
It's hard to visualize a group of people in sweatpants and soot-stained sweatshirts sitting on fallen logs around the Mikado Fireplace. This object might function as just another spot for setting flame to chopped timber yet the beautiful sculptural quality that it embodies has a discernible sense of sophistication.

VanJoost's elegant spun stick object is an artistic extrapolation from one technique of building a fire. You can arrange bits of branches into a teepee form to successfully catch from the ignited kindling beneath. The tilted metal rods that compose the Brazier Mikado continue up past their meeting point to a length equivalent to that of the base. This way, Joost van Veldhuizen's solid steel fire pit can be used in either orientation, elevating the smoldering lumber for an even more engaging visual effect.