- Feb 18, 2015
These hybrid breakfast recipes range from savory omelet scones to pizza breakfast bagels that are a twist on your favorite bar snack. Whether you're a fan of fast food or healthier meal options, you're sure to love meal ideas on this list. Thanks to their unexpected flavor pairings, these recipes will inspire creativity in the kitchen.

Standouts from this list include egg and bacon pancake tacos that blend together breakfast food classics to create a Mexican-inspired dish. Other favorites range from compact omelets that are made to resemble a traditional muffin or scone snack to breakfast waffle nachos that are easy to share.

In addition, the list's other hybrid breakfast recipes include cinnamon bun meat sandwiches and unexpected BLT recipes that blend together sweet and savory flavors.

From Savory Omelet Scones to Pizza Breakfast Bagels: