From Waffle-Infused Chicken Wings to Chicken Pot Pie Cones

 - May 27, 2014
Although gluten may not be one of the most popular proteins at the moment, chicken has never given up on being part of a breaded chicken dish. Even though some of these meals are quite heavy on the bread, some of the best chicken and bread combos—like chicken and waffles—have become highly sought-after because they work so unexpectedly well together.

To make comfort foods like chicken and waffles or pot pie even easier to eat up, these classic chicken recipes have been reimagined as chicken inside a waffle on a lollipop-like stick, or chicken pot pie in a bread cone.

However, actual bread crumbs aren't the only option for breading, as explored in recipes that use chicken covered in quinoa, chocolate or something really off-the-wall, like crushed up Doritos chips.