For Your Own Spin on Holiday Bowl Games

 - Dec 29, 2008
While the sports world is captivated by college football bowl games, my design-enamored mind is looking back at all the wonderful bowls and dishes served up on Trend Hunter.

Yes, I know, not exactly the aggression you may have been looking for (unless of course you check out the article on Sarah’s Smash Shack) but these innovative, gorgeous and quirky dishes boast a beautiful variety of design that are well worth taking a look at. Not only that, but they would be perfect for serving chips from, or whatever other munchies you and your football-crazed buddies like to scarf down while taking in the bowl games.

So here they are, the best curved dishes, cups and rounded platters to inspire your very own culinary bowl games! Perfect for the hosts ringing in the New Year with a lot of guests!