DogPause Dog Bowl

 - May 18, 2008
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Vomiting, belching, farting & gagging. Heee almost sounds like the Pepto Bismol commercial. Anyways, anyone that has a dog at home knows that once you fill their bowl with pet food that it won't last long. Sometimes you're thinking to split up the feed timing but you don't always have time for that, or maybe you're not always at home. The DogPause dog bowl will slow down your dog from eating overcoming the yuckie things I meantioned in the beginning. This dog bowl has four feeding zones each holding 1/2 cup of dog food. Those zones prevent the dog from entering his full snout in the bowl. So he really has to work at it to get it out. I even think the dogs probably like it; like a game. Notice how happy and endless pleasure your dog has when you give him a bone. The Dog Bowl device is clinically proven to slow down your pet eating. Just look at the video.