- Apr 14, 2014
The world of women's lingerie has drastically shifted from an emphasis on bust-enhancing undergarments towards more delicate, elegant and beautiful bralettes. While bralettes might seem to be a more carefree alternative to the traditionally restricting bras, they are more bohemian and a more daring option that tastefully reveal a bit more skin.

If you like to wear sleeveless shirts, plunging tank-tops and backless dresses, a bralette might be a great alternative for you. They are usually made with lace and they come in a variety of feminine styles and colors for every body size and skin tone.

From teasing shadowed lingerie to adorably alluring lingerie, check out how these models rock bralettes and see if this up-and-coming style is the right look for your body.

From Coquettishly Couture Lingerie to Royalty-Inspired Bras: