Embellishment the Chest Presents a Provocative Accessorizing Opportunity

 - Dec 12, 2013
References: red-dot.sg
A sort of hybrid between the pendant necklace and the brooch, the 'Embellishment the Chest' concept ends up being a great deal more alluring than both. What designer Lee Hsin proposes is a piece of jewelry that is to be worn between the breasts, accenting the bust of a woman.

Flat-chested ladies will be happy to hear that you don't require a deep cleavage in order to rock this ravishing look. The 2013 Red Dot Design Award winning accessory has a long stem that can plunge between your breasts and clip into the middle of your brassier. This will keep the 'Embellishment the Chest' fixed as you move about so that you can comfortably display the divine golden angle wings in a titillating place.