This Cleverly Locked Bra by Ravijour is Called the True Love Tester

 - Jan 28, 2014
References: geekologie & fashionablygeek
The 'True Love Tester' is a bra designed by Ravijour, which only pops open for true love. This cleverly locked bra is created with a built-in sensor that monitors the wearer's heart rate. This heart monitor works with a smartphone app, which essentially tells the bra when to open.

Researchers from the Ravijour team explain that when an individual is touched by someone they love romantically, their heart rate rises almost immediately. This bra basically only unhooks for guys who make your heart race, which is pretty cool. Men are sure to be flattered when this bra approvingly pops open for them, revealing the wearer's true feelings.

This bra is great because it will likely help intoxicated women avoid lapses in judgement. Smooth-talking won't be enough to get the True Love Tester bra to come off.