From Hairy Human Sculptures to Clawed Cutlery

 - Aug 3, 2011
For anyone who enjoys the more aggressive hairy animal form, these beastly adaptations are sure to provide inspiration, from marketing ideas to fashion tips.

Beastly creations are influencing the fashion world one claw at a time. Furthermore, the claw cutters are a kitchen utensil, however, instead of a simple knife, the product is made to look like bear nails. Brutish animal illustrations are also rearing their ugly head (pun intended) -- and with effective results. The lifelike drawings leap off the page and captivate viewers with every glance. These beastly adaptations are fierce and evocative.

Implications - These beastly adaptations play on the notions of adventure and fear of potentially harmful creatures. Companies should consider how to capitalize on consumer's phobias and terrors to garner attention in a competitive marketplace.