'Bear' by Jill Greenberg Turns the Mammals into Supermodels

 - Jun 14, 2011
References: manipulator & inspirefirst
'Bear' by Jill Greenberg makes me want to befriend these lovable salmon-loving mammals. If only they weren't capable of ripping me to shreds within mere seconds. From baby bears being bottle-fed to bears caught in the middle of hi-fives, this pictorial collection of furry predators will melt your heart.

Greenberg is known for her serene photo portraits and in this particular series, her muse just so happens to be bears. And its not just cute cuddly baby bears either, Greenberg's incorporated bears of all age groups into the series, highlighting the gentleness and ferocity of the magnificent beast.

If you found 'Bear' by Jill Greenberg to be visually enthralling, you should also look into her other unique photo series, some of which features primates as well as Hollywood's biggest stars.