From Rebel Rocker Editorials to Brooding Jock Shoots

 - Nov 12, 2011
In fashion, as in life, things that are considered "bad" always hold a captivating appeal, and this collection of bad boy fashion photography shows just how a bit of rebellion can enhance any menswear feature.

Why are women (and some men) so drawn to society's image of the bad boy? Could it be his dark, brooding personality? His nonchalant attitude? Or is it due to an inherent desire to make any bad boy a good boy? Regardless of reason, fashion definitely takes advantage of our love for rebellion and mischievousness when it comes to men's fashion photography.

These bad boy fashion features, which range from motorcycle-riding lookbooks to poor boy couture, only graze the surface of this sexy fashion aesthetic. I'm sure there are much more to come -- not that anyone's complaining.