Zeb Daemen Captures Rebellious Style for Client Magazine Issue 5

Talented photographer Zeb Daemen captures this stylish and provocative menswear shoot for Client Magazine issue 5. Featuring models Max Cocking and Christian Von Pfefer, this photo series is titled 'Even Beautiful On a Bad Day' -- and that definitely seems to be the case with these models.

The two men pose with cigarettes and bad boy attitudes, wearing clothes that are casually laid-back yet still stylish -- this is the work of talented stylist Tom Eerebout. Eerebout dresses the models in simple tees, stonewashed jeans, sweaters and coats, throwing in a neck scarf here and there, as well as a rebellious pendant or two.

Boys, if you're looking for fashionable outfits that give off a don't-care vibe, take a cue from this 'Even Beautiful On a Bad Day' spread for Client Magazine issue 5.