From DIY Doodle Bedding to Personalized Perfume Boutiques

 - Apr 29, 2018
From food to furniture and personal cosmetics, consumers are no longer settling for one-size-fits-all products, as evidenced by the top April 2018 customization ideas. As such, customization is the pinnacle of many new products, services and companies. L'Oreal launched CUSTOM D.O.S.E to create custom serums following an assessment, making it possible for the needs of about 250 unique skin types to be addressed. Sillages Paris is a Milennial-targeted perfume brand that lets online shoppers pick and choose their desired scents with ease, and ultimately receive a curated formulation that has been approved by scent experts.

In the realm of food, Firebox's 'Face Licker' has consumers submit a photo of themselves that can be turned into an edible confection. Customization is also at the heart of Labothéry, a new lab-themed tea cafe that empowers the average consumer to craft drinks of their own design.