- Aug 6, 2012
These Anne Hathaway features show how incredibly popular this Batman star has become.

From hosting the Oscars to starring in high-profile films, this leading lady has proven herself time and time again, and has blossomed in front of the eyes of an entranced public audience. From making a splash on red carpets to starring on the cover of men's magazines, Ms. Hathaway is seemingly everywhere, and has quickly moved up to the A-list. Anne is known for her stylish fashion choices, particularly with regard to the modest style of what she typically dons. Setting herself far apart from those in her field, she's a class act with a sense of humor that makes her incredibly likable and relatable.

Talented, chic and impossibly kind, Anne Hathaway is a star of this generation who will continue to dominate the box office.

From Fabulously Feminine Fedoras to Hollywood Fresh Faces: