Anne Hathaway Out $148,000

 - Sep 4, 2008
References: nypost
Con men don’t only target old people, as Anne Hathaway learned when she was seduced out of $148,000. The actress was dating a con man named Raffaello Follieri, who made millions in elaborate schemes. In the end, he wound up in trouble, and Hathaway needed to support his expensive needs…

Follieri’s main con involved conning millionaire investors into buying real estate that he claimed the Catholic Church was trying to ‘unload’.

Hathaway, the starlet of ‘Get Smart’ was not one of these ‘investors’, so she wasn’t really the ‘mark’. However, even after she knew that Follieri was about to face his legal problems, she paid four months of his rent… at $37,000 per month.

After four months, Anne Hathaway ended her relationship… just hours before he was arrested for money laundering and wire fraud.

So how exactly do you con someone like Anne Hathaway Out $148,000? Sex appeal. She was once quoted, "It was totally love at first sight . . . He is sooo good-looking . . . He looks like a god,"

In short, don’t trust dudes that need you to pay their rent.