From Enigmatic Afterparty Art to Edible Album Covers

 - Aug 24, 2011
The album cover has been around since the days of vinyl, so it comes as no surprise that in the decades it's existed, there's been many album cover innovations to have arise. From album art-inspired scarves to album covers made entirely out of LEGO, artists, fans and people in industry have found countless ways to re-imagine their favorite CD packaging.

One definite stand out from these album cover innovations is the edible bento boxes which set out to recreate album cover artwork with delectable Japanese foods. My favorite feature of the bunch however has to be 'Enigmatic Afterparty Art' since the pictures highlighted, as well as the album mentioned in the article, work harmoniously to take listeners on a euphoric journey.

Implications - Consumers often rely on a product's packaging as an indicator of the product's overall quality. They're likely to purchase an item that's aesthetically pleasing over an item that seems generic. Corporations wanting to differentiate themselves from their competition may consider elaborate packaging that greatly differs from their peers'.