Saudi Arabian Mariah Carey Album Covers Were Retouched to be Less Revealing

 - Sep 8, 2010
References: mariahcarey & visboo
The recent controversy in regards to Mariah Carey's allegedly altered album covers in Saudi Arabia has generated plenty of buzz.

The raised necklines and elongated skirts date all the way back to photographs of Mariah Carey in 1996. Covering up the pop star's curves, these covers will definitely catch you by surprise. Check out the featured gallery and see the before and after shots of these Mariah Carey album covers for yourselves.

Implications - **Write imp

If you notice the Saudi Arabian image of Mariah Carey on her album cover also appears whiter and less tanned. This really could be a controversial cover. I wonder what Mariah Carey thinks about this cover-up, whitened image of herself?