The Star Wars Record Shop Mashes Music with The Force

 - Jul 19, 2011
References: castlepop & blog.thaeger
If you've ever wondered what kind of music Star Wars characters are blasting away in their other worldly equivalent to an iPod, then simply take a gander at the Star Wars Record Shop and find out.

The Star Wars Record Shop is a collection of images featuring famous album covers remixed to incorporate Star Wars character names into the graphics. Who knew that someone could blend the words Millennium Falcon so seamlessly with the Metallica logo?

My favorite of the bunch is obviously the Mace Windu cover that's been harmoniously integrated into the Wu-Tang Clan symbol. Everyone knows that Mace Windu ain't nothing to mess with.

Implications - Consumers enjoy pop culture mash-ups as it reinvigorates their interest in the references involved. Corporations can similarly reinvigorate consumer interest for their brand by partnering with equally high-profile companies.