- Nov 8, 2008
Stunning photography visuals have captivated the mind, eyes and attention of photographic paramours ever since the first permanent photograph was taken back in the early 1820's.  Even now, we can look at photos taken long ago and be in awe of the moments captured within. 

Since then, creative amateur and polished photographers aided by technological advances continue to inundate the world with pictures that leave us saying, "Wow," much like those who first saw the photography of Wilson Bentley, who fought blizzards to capture snowflakes on film. 

For instance, who'd have thought that one day we could capture the beauty of a water droplet or mold, or see inside a mammal and take a snapshot of its fetus, or seize light in ways that have never been seen? 

As long as new ideas are built upon old in the world of photography, the possibilities of what is in store are endless.  2008 has been a great year for filling my visual stimulation needs--so much so that I can hardly wait to see what 2009 has in store.

39 Stunning Photography Visuals: