26 Cutting-Edge Hairstyles

 - Sep 12, 2008
Celebrity hairstyles will always influence what is trendiest at hair salons. Ask any hairdresser and they will tell you whatever cut or color the hottest celebs are modeling is what they are most asked to replicate - remember the 'Farrah'? Today, the reigning Queen of Tresses is Victoria Beckham; her sharp, short bob singlehandedly caused a tidal wave of sleek blonde reverse-V cuts. Mrs. Beckham is now sporting an even shorter cropped pixie, following Katie Holmes' recent similar drastic chop.

Then we have Amy Winehouse who is trying to bring back a beehive, of sorts, or maybe it is the wig she will ultimately revive. If only the hive was more buzz and less fuzz!

Even the dogs and cats featured here look kind of cute outfitted with hairpieces of their own.