Kids Fight to Keep Their Hair Styles

 - Aug 13, 2008
References: viceland
The Rocker Hair trend has invaded the Middle East, where it is being met with much less enthusiasm than here in the States.

Rebellious rocker teens in Iran are sporting faux hawks, spikes and pompadours, and most offensive or all the rooster. This has put the Basij, Iran's religious police, in an uproar. Tehran is the fashion capitol of Iran, and here the trendsetters have the difficult task of incorporating western fashion trends into a conservative status quo.

A great article in this month's issue of VICE goes behind the scenes in Tehran's beauty salon black market. As Travis Beard reports, "the Basij's zero-wacky-haircut-tolerance policy" has not been too effective. Despite a recent crackdown on trendy coiffures, the teens risk arrest by actively seeking out the renegade style shops, where they can get their gel and arm up for a little cultural warfare against religious fundamentalism.