30 Surrealist Innovations

 - Jan 4, 2009
The captivating surreal art of Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali, both of whom died in the latter part of the 20th century, continue to be an influence in the 21st century. 

We’ve seen Surrealism used in the advertising world, like the three Picasso-inspired ads in the gallery created by the GP advertising agency for Lado B, for instance. While some agencies have their own unique surrealist ads, others have revamped works from Picasso and Dali by replicating them and adding in their own touches.

Surrealist art came in various forms during 2008. Surrealist body art, naughty Surrealist art, surreal furniture designs, and superimposed Surrealism are just a few examples of what we’ve featured at Trend Hunter.

Surrealistic concepts may be ‘old,’ but they are most certainly not dated. We are sure to see many more surreal influences throughout 2009.