From Odd Glittering Gowns to Gaining Weight for Publicity

 - Mar 23, 2010   Updated: Apr 1 2011
Ah, yes, it is that time of year, the time when our sweet Jessica Simpson is up to something zany again! In honor of her media blitz, it is time to get real with these Jessica Simpson Finds. It has everything from odd glittering gowns to gaining weight for publicity, there is something to satiate your Jessica Simpson craving.

Implications - Celebrity stars like Jessica Simpson are more than just entertainers, they are cultural forces in and of themselves. Every move celebrities like her make is painstakingly documented by mass media, and as a result many consumers look to them in order to gauge what to wear, how to act and to see what is "cool." Any business hoping to capture the attention of this demographic would do well to take a few pages out of the book of celebrities like her.