From Mini 2013 Grammy Attendees to Pristine White Photoshoots

 - Feb 20, 2013
This week's top trends reflected awards season, particularly an incredibly compelling photo series featuring miniature versions of the 2013 Grammy attendees. Toddlewood, an ongoing project by Tricia Messeroux, features young children dressed as famous celebrities, and are controversially accurate. Whether you agree with the project or not, the photo series is quite impressive.

Other leading photography trends this week include an all white Harper’s Bazaar Poland editorial, which featured no color at all. Stark but beautiful, this caught the eye of many. Terry Richardson's photo series with Alessandra Ambrosio was similarly monochromatic, but had a decidedly grittier feel, as is expected from the racy photographer.

Dominating the tech category this week was a flash drive called the Pen2, which functions as both a pen and a USB.

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