From Invisible Homes to Treehouses on Stilts

 - Jun 22, 2009   Updated: Apr 28 2011
Every kid wants a treehouse, but these swank treetop homes are sure to make adults want them too! Check out the gallery to see some really unique living areas, restaurants, and attractions all situated atop trees.

Whether they are indoors, invisible, stilted or fairy tale-esque, treehouses are a great way to feel more connected to the earth!

Implications - The treehouse is not just a fun place to hangout for kids anymore. They have become new abodes for people adopting a whole new, more whimsical way to live. Turning old, wooden treehouses into luxurious places of living shows that consumers are getting bored of the cookie-cutter style of living. Designers should invent new and original places where people would enjoy living.