- Feb 14, 2009   Updated: Jul 20 2011
Throwing stars, swords and other traditional Japanese warrior themes are seen these days in everything from fashion and interior design to cool advertising campaigns. 

We have seen edgy Samurai-Inspired motorcycle racing suits, a 'Superhero Worship' fashion editorial, underwear, and denim. For the home, there's fridge magnets and thumb tacks in the shape of throwing stars. Then, just for fun, Toyota gave us an odd commercial with crazy cat-headed human Ninjas. 

Implications - This collection of fighter-inspired products will not allow consumers to express themselves in amusing was, it will also allow them to feel empowered and fierce! Take a stand and make a statement with this wicked collection of fun samurai and ninja-inspired styles and designs.

15 Samurai And Ninja-Inspired Designs: