Sido Puts Some Nobility in Your Trousers

 - Dec 17, 2008
References: en.sido-collection & japanprobe
Japanese designer Sido has come up with a line of underwear that channels famous Samurai like Tokugawa Ieyasu and Oda Nobunaga. Inspired by their unique Samurai armor, Sido created underpants in their likeness. They’ve sold out their trendy undies in Japan but shoppers might be able to order them online for $100 or more.

Samurai undies have become something of a collectors item, too. Japanese shoppers are saying retired pieces are hard to come by. But Sido expects to have more in stores in January and are planning to launch in Paris and New York in the near future.

They say strength comes from within. I suppose if you keep a samurai in your pants, you can’t really be harmed.