Ninja New York

 - Feb 4, 2007
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Creating an old school Japanese feel with its rustic stone walls and large timber supports as well as having the eerie feeling of being followed, Ninja New York is an extremely unique dining experience. Chef Michinobu Okamoto turns out first class/high quality food with the best of the best ingredients, most coming directly from Japan. One of these "Ninja art" dishes is the Bonsai plant desert, which is in the image of the Bonsai plant. “Ninja art” dishes are inspired by creativity as well as interactive presentations. An example of this would be a salad in which the customer would remove a sword from, in doing this the salad, resting on a hallowed out grapefruit would emit smoke, completing the theme of great food accompanied by the mystic of Ninja's. Dishes start at $50 as well they have a wide variety of foods which are presented in a unique Ninja style tradition. Just remember to tip well or you might not want to walk out to your car after finishing your meal!