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Jean Tang's Writing Keynote Offers Tips to Avoid Bland & Boring Content

 - Oct 24, 2012
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Jean Tang, a lawyer-turned-journalist, shares her tips for creating exciting, memorable and engaging copy in this writing keynote. She explains how business writing today has become boring, bland and far too commercial. The work so many businesses do is not effectively or accurately related in their copywriting, and uninspired content has unfortunately become the norm.

A brand's copy on its website's homepage can be the first impression it gives to millions of consumers, hence it needs to be engaging and enticing. To help brands, companies and businesses enhance their copy, Tang developed a formula for copywriters. One of the most important steps is to challenge your own perspective of your company and yourself. One of the greatest challenges in writing about something so close to you is your perspective.

Jean Tang's writing keynote offers tips for effectively portraying a brand through copy.