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Author Nathan Englander Discusses His Faith in His Writing Routine

 - Mar 21, 2012
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American Nathan Englander discusses his faith in the writing process in this informative talk on the craft of creative writing. Nathan Englander describes the need for process simply as it is based on the fact that one cannot merely sit down and write a finished book, that one needs to believe in the process and continually look to what the story needs in order to take it where it needs to go.

Nathan Englander talks of the general obligation to the story as a whole that an author must possess in order to successfully build a story from scratch. Although he says the existence of the writing process is the one thing that stays the same, Nathan Englander asserts that the details of the process can change throughout your life. Englander refers to the process as an existential, abnormal way of life and that one doesn’t even need a day or a night, but can sleep all day and write all night if that is what works.