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Carmine Gallo Shows How to Sell in a Vision Communication Keynote

 - Aug 26, 2012
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Looking to industry leaders such as Steve Jobs, author and communications coach Carmine Gallo shares tips on giving a persuasive presentation in this vision communication keynote. Gallo provides a new way of looking at an old problem, which is how to sell ideas effectively. Whether it is new products, businesses and methods, some people are better than others in telling their story. For example, Steve Jobs is a master at storytelling.

In order to effectively communication the vision of a brand, a presenter must try to make emotional connections with audiences. By appealing to the heart before the brain, people can see the passion in your presentation.

When creating the message behind a product or service, Gallo believes the first question people need to ask is what they are passionate about, and it is not the obvious answer. For example, Jobs is not selling technology, but instead selling tools to help users unleash their creativity.