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Doug Stevenson Gives an Effective Corporate Communication Keynote

 - Jun 28, 2012
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Effectively conversing with a large audience on a professional level does not always have to be dry or dull as explained in Doug Stevenson's effective corporate communication keynote.

The speaker explains that effective story telling is essential to a successful interaction -- whether it be a personal and intimate conversation between two friends or a corporate meeting with hundreds of attendees.

One of the most significant takeaways from Stevenson's effective corporate communication keynote speech is the idea that both parties involved in an interaction will achieve what they want from the conversation when each participant has an equally vested interest in the subject matter.

Stevenson explains that the listener must make what is important to the speaker as important to them as the speaker is. This meaning that the listener will communicate more effectively if they engross themselves in the conversation and treat the speaker's words with the same respect that they would pay the speaker themselves.