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Digital Storytelling is Covered in This Nick Bilton Keynote

 - Jun 19, 2012
References: nickbilton & youtube
This lighthearted Nick Bilton keynote opens with the speaker discussing the idea that even though technology has changed the method by which people attain their information, the content itself is still based on traditional principles of story-telling.

The New York Times columnist and founder of the NYCResistor details how technology and online media have changed the way people consume content.

The ability to seamlessly multitask has advanced significantly with the rise of technology as the sheer amount of content viewers are exposed to daily requires simultaneous absorption. The speaker explains how people with ADD who had difficulty concentrating in traditional learning environments are now flourishing because of their ability to interact with multiple resources at once.

He also explores the future of online content absorption and expresses the fact that the human mind has only begun to understand how to process information electronically and will only continue to improve and advance.