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The Daniel Dennett Keynote Discusses How Thoughts are Alive

 - May 3, 2012
References: ase.tufts.edu & youtube
In an evocative and humorous Daniel Dennett keynote, the author and philosopher discusses human evolution and the impact that the spreading of concepts and the discovery of new doctrines can have on those who are exposed to them. 

He discusses the power of ideas and the way that communication functions as a meme because it is impacted by cultural and societal interactions. The resounding idea he proposes is that human communication and thoughts should be seen as organisms that are literally alive in their own right.

According to the academic, thought transmission is a powerful and sometimes dangerous thing that should be treated as a living and breathing being. His memetic approach to human thought is that an idea can flourish despite being detrimental and that the spread of education and technological breakthroughs can be just as dangerous and infectious as the spread of disease.